Why ChefShares?

We're self-professed foodies. We appreciate the artistry and passtion behind a well-prepared and thoughtful recipe. ChefShares represents our wish for a way to find and enjoy high-quaility, unique recipes from the best chefs.

So why buy a recipe, when there are thousands available for free? Have you ever bought a cookbook? Then you've bought a recipe! Buying recipes online is a new concept, and may seem counterintuitive. We get that. But we believe passionately that it's the future, and will disrupt the traditional cookbook publishing industry.

Our model for recipes sales helps give back to chefs and local communities. We split the net revenue of each recipe sale with the chef, so that they can get compensation for their artistic talent.

We also have a vision to allocate a portion of each recipe sale to fund The ChefShares Foundation. This non-profit organization will be separate from ChefShares, LLC. It will provide educational information and resources to children (grades K-12). We believe strongly that good nutrition is the foundation for lifelong success and health. Stay tuned for more information as we work towards realizing this goal.

For Foodies: Find unique, high-quality recipes

ChefShares offers a quick, convenient way to find recipes from professional chefs. Our recipes are a bit different. They may use unique ingredients or a different technique than what you may be used to. You won't find run-of-the-mill recipes here. We work hard to bring you recipes that represent new concepts, new ideas and new techniques.

  1. Buy only the recipes you want, when you want
  2. Discover new chefs and food trends
  3. Build a unique portfolio of professional recipes

For Chefs: Promote your talent

ChefShares provides you a unique marketing opportunity to promote your expertise and experience while growing your customer base. ChefShares has a highly targeted audience of food lovers who are eager to discover new food trends and unique recipes. Use ChefShares to market to this audience.

  1. Engage with a highly targeted audience
  2. Promote your culinary expertise
  3. Earn passive revenue

For Children: Increase nutrition awareness

ChefShares believes we all could eat better. We also believe that healthy, wholesome food is perhaps the most important part of improving lives across the socio-economic spectrum. When you eat well, you feel better. Our goal is to spread this awareness to school children across communities.

We want to establish a non-profit, The ChefShares Foundation, that will be partially funded by a portion of each recipe sale through ChefShares. Our foundation's purpose will be to provide educational opportunities to children (grades K-12). Check our website for more information as we finalize these plans. Questions? Please contact us.